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Leadership Development

Getting to the C-Suite

For your senior manager and executives

Leadership Development

Steps to Career Success

For your early- to mid-career people

Leadership Development

Women in Leadership

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Leadership Development

Inclusive Leadership

Leadership for inclusive cultures

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If you’ve had responsibility and accountability for running leadership development in your organisation you’ll be well aware that not all offerings are equal!

…much leadership training and development has become too much a form of lay preaching, telling people inspiring stories about heroic leaders and exceptional organizations and, in the process, making those who hear the stories feel good and temporarily uplifted while not changing much of what happens at many workplaces.

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choose our virtual live workshop format for hybrid workplaces

Leadership Development

Getting to the C-Suite

This program is suited to:

  • Executives needing tangible tools and strategies to step into new roles and answer ‘stretch interview’ questions effectively
  • Leaders required to oversee a successful change program in a complex environment
  • Those already in a senior role who would benefit from a deeper understanding of influence and how to better engage with their team’s diverse abilities
  • Executives wanting to become crystal clear on what it means to ‘be strategic’ as a senior leader

Program Benefits

  • Explore five core areas that recruiters focus on for executive and board-level roles
  • Clarify your perspectives using up-to-date, evidence-based frameworks and tools.
  • Benefit from a series of modules and reinforce learning through incubation time in-between.
  • Enjoy working and sharing with a committed group of like-minded professionals.

The 6 highly interactive modules

Leading Strategically

Understand what strategy is and how to be more strategic. Examine the six essential skills of strategic leaders and get practical strategic tools that you can apply immediately.

Leading Collaboratively

Consider the impact of fast-changing contexts for collaborative decision making. Get tools to power-up problem solving talk, with a special focus on disagreement.

Leading Change

Recognise why change agility is a preferred alternative to traditional approaches. Consider how to use an experimental approach to change in your own organisational context.

Leading Effectively

Clarify the important differences between leading and managing, and how to build inclusive cultures. Focus briefly on ethical behaviour and the vital role of influence.

Leading Purposefully

Identify what you truly want to achieve personally and professionally. Access the most up-to-date research on goal setting success and apply it for yourself and with colleagues.

C-Suite Challenge

Consolidate your learning in an interactive senior management simulation. Use frameworks and tools to analyse the case and develop and present recommendations.

Leadership Development

Steps to Career Success

This program is suited to:

  • Early career people who are motivated to take a closer look at aspects that have a proven impact on career progression.
  • Mid-career leaders who would like to build a strong foundation but who may not have had many formal career development opportunities
  • Mid-career people who may be satisfied with their current level, but nevertheless keen on broadening their perspectives and sharpening skills that positively impact their effectiveness and their career

Program Benefits

  • Take control of your career and your life, with research-based strategies that ensure success.
  • Speak up in meetings, communicate confidently, get heard and get credit for your ideas.
  • Design and manage an inspiring personal business network of active supporters.
  • Influence your boss so they become your mentor and your best advocate.

The 8 highly interactive modules

Create a vision for yourself

Learn to identify your ‘next step’ career goal that reflects your personal purpose, values and what truly matters to you.

Speak up and get heard in meetings

Develop key skills to speak up and collaborate in regular problem-solving conversations. Create a positive impression each time you speak..

Present Persausively

Learn to be more persuasive through a sound argument structure, and apply this to a current challenge you face.

Influence up

Learn to identify and effectively influence key stakeholders who can support your career development. Learn how to influence your boss, including how to manage a difficult boss.

Ramp up team performance

Learn tools to improve team performance – as a team member or a team leader. Ensure alignment and improve collaboration.

Manage energy, not time

Understand the importance of wellbeing at work and develop a personal wellbeing plan. You can’t make more time but you can create more energy.

Build your business network

Understand network success and learn how to strengthen your network. Identify strengths and tackle gaps in your current network.

Set and achieve goals

Learn how to set successful goals using neuroscience insights. Turn your intentions into a dynamic action plan and build useful new habits.

Leadership Development

Women in Leadership

These programs are suited to:

  • Groups of early career people who are motivated to take a closer look at aspects that have a proven impact on career progression.
  • Groups of mid-career leaders who would like to build a strong foundation but who may not have had many formal career development opportunities
  • Groups of mid-career people who may be satisfied with their current level, but nevertheless keen on broadening their perspectives and sharpening skills that positively impact their effectiveness and their career
  • Groups of women from across the organisation, regardless of their level of seniority or service.

Program Benefits

  • Focus on providing various groups of women in your organisation with leadership and management development – especially useful where commitments have been made to improve gender equity
  • Lift raw numbers of women participating in leadership and management development experiences
  • Support women in your business with skills and tools that better position them for promotion opportunities
  • Create a strong informal network of capable, motivated women who are committed to collaborating with colleagues for the benefit of both the business and parties involved

Programs / modules available

Steps to Career Success

Fresh ideas and proven tools that can be adapted for use at all levels to turbo charge your career and help you create the career you want.

Inclusive Leadership

A leadership program that focuses on behaviours, skills and mindsets that build inclusive organisations and teams, where people want to contribute and belong.

Getting to the C-Suite

A practical, results orientated leadership program for senior managers and executives, using leading-edge research and proven framework/tools.

Custom Modules

Create a leadership /management program, or one-off modules focusing on a particular identified need, that fits with the unique context of your business.

Inclusive Leadership Module

This module is suited to:

  • Team leaders and managers responsible for working with others to achieve specific business outcomes.
  • Project leaders/managers who are accountable for the outcomes of specific projects where they don’t have a permanent team of their own but must, nevertheless, still achieve outcomes through other people.
  • Middle managers whose role it is to manage a number of different groups working on projects within their scope of accountability.
  • Senior managers and executives who have responsibility for large projects, divisions /directorates or functional areas.

Module Benefits

  • Understand how to identify opportunities for inclusion, and how some traditional practices may have the opposite effect.
  • Recognise how contributing and belonging are two powerful drivers that serve the interest of both your people and your business.
  • Learn how to make meetings, most frequently where business is done, more inclusive.
  • Build skills that allow you to disagree without being disagreeable while encouraging diversity of thinking and promoting innovation.

Indicative mini-modules (interactive)

Opportunities to contribute

Explore what the culture, values and practices your organisation state (expressly or implicitly) about inclusion (and exclusion).

Contributing and belonging

Use UGM’s powerful contributing-belonging model to recognise the fundamental outcomes that individuals and businesses seek.

Make meetings more inclusive

Learn tools and techniques that will make your meetings (from one-on-one to full ‘team’) more inclusive and more productive.

Disagree without being disagreeable

Harness the great business value offered by disagreement, without being disagreeable, using specific behaviours, skills and techniques.

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Leadership briefings from the UGM archive

WE HAVE Answers

Ask Us Anything About Leadership

Simply, leadership is influencing others towards a common goals. Importantly, although the terms leader and manager are used interchangeably, they’re not the same.

Management involves organising and coordinating activities of an enterprise, in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of clearly defined objectives. Planning and leading are part of management.

Managers are appointed to their role while leadership is attributed. Managers have formal authority (and usually accountability), whereas leaders’ authority is derived by others choosing to follow them. Managers have positional (formal) power while leaders must use influence (informal power).

Managers hold formal authority that usually explicitly outlines who reports to them (their subordinates) and to whom they report.

By definition, anyone who exercises influence over others, with the intent of achieving a common goal, is exercising leadership. Since no formal authority is involved, anyone, at any level, may exercise leadership.

The answer is complex. While it is true that some people may exercise more influence, more often, anyone may exercise influence, especially in particular contexts. Importantly, people can learn specific leadership skills that increase the chances they will be successful influencers. So while you may be born with a level of leadership ability, you can learn how to be more influential.

Definitely not, even though the term follower is often used in a pejorative way! If no-one follows, then there can’t be any leaders! While managers may subordinates, leaders must have followers.

Some leadership programs prioritise confidence without any consideration of competence. However, confidence usually evaporates when people find themselves in contexts where they lack competence. By focusing on competence (behaviours / skills / mindsets), confidence is likely to follow as a well-earned byproduct.

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