A practical module supporting the career success of culturally diverse employees in Australian organisations

Well-qualified employees whose first language is not English are often under-represented in more senior roles, despite their talent. There can be many invisible barriers blocking advancement. Some are the responsibility of the organisation to dismantle. But this is generally not enough and frustration persists. Organisations wishing to build an inclusive culture are committed to helping all employees get ahead, whatever their background. The aim is to ensure everyone can contribute to their full potential.


  • A proven and practical module that helps you to succeed in your chosen profession in Australia
  • A chance to focus on the particular skills you need to influence successfully and get ahead in your career
  • A set of frameworks and tools that will enable you to communicate effectively with colleagues at all levels
  • An opportunity to practise your new skills so that you can implement them with confidence straightaway
  • A powerful action plan that will help you take exciting next steps in your career


  • Identify the most effective techniques for influencing your stakeholders in positive ways
  • Decode the norms of communicating, relating and behaving that characterise the Australian professional workplace
  • Discover the ‘hidden’ rules of success and apply them to consistently create the impression you want
  • Recognise the strengths of your background and learn how to leverage them in your current context
  • Develop practical skills for managing everyday teamwork and meetings in ways that display your talent and show your leadership

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