This highly interactive module helps individuals in organisations understand the benefits of an inclusive culture and provides them with practical skills and behaviours to be more inclusive

Many businesses now realise that diversity by itself adds little value and that it may even intensify risk and challenges. As well, recent research reveals that general unconscious bias training is ineffective at best and might leave organisations more biased! In contrast, focusing on an inclusive culture and inclusive leadership helps businesses unlock diversity dividends such as innovation, growth and reduced stress. Raising awareness and following this up with practical skills and behaviours equips people to see things differently and take concrete action to be more inclusive. Building an inclusive culture is everyone’s responsbility, not just a management activity!


  • Deliver business benefits from diversity that exists in your workplace.
  • Equip your people and leaders to respond more productively to the broad range of diversity groupings in your organisation, not just a select few.
  • Ensure individuals make the vital personal connection with content through sensitively crafted, research-based material and practical ‘next steps’.
  • Help leaders adopt a more inclusive leadership style by providing them with a range of leader behaviours that support an inclusive culture.
  • Reinforce insights, skills and behaviours via learning alerts that are sent after the module.


  • Raise awareness of diversity issues, challenges and the rationale behind having an inclusive culture as an important first (Cognitive) step. Participants become more aware of their own attitudes and develop trust in the presenter’s credibility.
  • Generate or reinforce critical insights around own behaviours (Experiential step). Carefully selected activities are sensitive but necessarily more personally challenging and perhaps a little more confronting than Step 1. Insights relate to concerns and perceived challenges that may act as a barrier to change.
  • Examine new skills and concrete behaviours that contribute to building and sustaining a more inclusive culture and a more inclusive leadership style (Practical Step).

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