Designed around the must-have C-role (and board level) skills that research shows top recruiters are looking for, this unique program will help you step forward with confidence.

Designed around the must-have C-role skills that research shows top recruiters are looking for, this unique six module program will help you step forward with confidence. Between each half-day module, use and integrate your newly acquired insights and practical tools immediately in your current role. Also, share your experiences and receive invaluable feedback and support from program colleagues.


  • Six half day modules (one per month, except for Modules 5&6 which are usually delivered in one day).
  • Practical tools and templates in every module that help you turn your new insights into immediate, valued contributions back at work.
  • Membership of a vibrant community of talented women like you whose support you’ll value long after the program ends.
  • Advice and mentoring from expert presenters. They’ve held executive roles in diverse sectors, are well qualified academically and regularly help business solve problems using the knowledge and tools they’ll share with you.
  • A challenging and practical final assessment of your C-suite (and board) readiness, with expert feedback on your progress and next steps.


  • Understand what it means to ‘be strategic’. Apply a range of powerful strategic tools in your decision making
  • Develop change-leadership skills you can implement immediately for better results.
  • Use the latest neuroscience research to influence successfully in different business contexts.
  • Refine the effectiveness of your communications and teamworking for collaborative leadership and decision making that has impact.
  • Define your near-term leadership goals and craft a clear plan. This will help you exercise purposeful leadership and achieve results.
  • Test your readiness in an authentic challenge and get expert feedback on your C-suite progress.


  • Become crystal clear on what it means to ‘be strategic’ as a senior leader.
  • Learn how strategic thinking, strategic planning and implementation combine for project success.
  • Get a powerful set of practical tools to turbocharge your strategy and implementation.


  • Learn how to increase the effectiveness and success of your change projects.
  • Respond effectively to constant change and help your people cope with it.
  • Acquire a comprehensive set of change tools you can deploy in multiple change contexts.


  • Know how to build strong teams that work collaboratively and inclusively for best outcomes.
  • Employ powerful techniques (including effective executive-level decision making) to get the most out of meetings - the highest-cost activity for execs.
  • Get an edge through powerful insights and tools for leading in diverse, multicultural organisations.


  • Distinguish between leading and managing at senior levels and become better at both.
  • Use neuroscience to boost your influence in diverse contexts here and internationally.
  • Communicate effectively at all levels using a smart formula that boosts clarity and impact.


  • Lead with purpose and integrity by clarifying your values and aligning your actions.
  • Build resilience through focus on the physical, emotional and values dimensions of your life.
  • Develop a robust action plan for achieving your C-Suite / board goals.


  • Test your C-suite skills in a real-life business challenge that you’ll tackle as part of a small team.
  • Design your solution to the problem, drawing on all the tools and models you’ve learned.
  • Present your team’s business plan for assessment by an expert panel and get constructive feedback.

Modules in UGM's 'Women in the C-Suite' series are available in-house for organisations as well as publicly when offered in conjunction with selected partners.

UGM acknowledges the Queensland government's 'Women on Boards' website as a resource aimed at facilitating more women on boards in the state.

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