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Our strategic planning approach steps you and your team through a carefully chosen sequence of robust thinking tools, tailored to your organisation’s particular business challenges. UGM's 6Ps of Strategic Performance helps develop a complete strategic and implementation plan. Visual tools help focus diverse minds and thinking styles as well as providing stimulus and structure that helps people think well together.

Change is often complex and usually touches various areas such as strategy-implementation, leadership, organisational culture, and innovation. UGM brings a comprehensive, evidence-based approach. We start by synthesising and integrating relevant elements and then, together with you, distil a customised plan of action that meets your specific requirements.

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Designing Strategy & Change

Wondering about more effective ways of developing your business strategy? How can you avoid the 'same old, same old' approach that doesn't inspire? What about crafting a strategy plan that people actually use? UGM can provide expert advice on alternatives for developing effective business strategy in-house.

Strategy & Change Development

Are you concerned that your leaders aren't being strategic enough in their approach? Is there room for more variety in strategy development and execution processes in your business? UGM has training programs that will enhance strategic and change capability, including working more effectively as a result of a shared approach and set of powerful strategic and change tools

Executive Coaching

Are there senior leaders who need to be more strategic but who won't admit this or most certainly wouldn't be up for a formal training program? One-on-one executive coaching can support senior people work through challenges they have with strategic thinking and strategy implementation. The UGM team are experienced executive coaches, also able to support key teams.

Diagnostics and analysis

Do you want to measure or review aspects of your strategy and implementation? The UGM team are skilled in collecting, analysing and diagnosing how strategy and it's implementation is progressing. We also offer clients a range of specialist diagnostic tools, some of which are provided complimentary with particular interventions or programs.

Strategy & Change Facilitation

Are your leaders all themselves wanting to participate in an important event or session, rather than chairing it? Or, do you have a tricky situation where leaders cannot agree or successfully resolve ongoing challenges? Clients value our engaged facilitation services where, as independant and skilled partners, we support them in reaching desired business outcomes.

Keynotes and Presentations

Are you looking for an expert to speak on particular aspects of strategy development at your next conference? UGM people regularly deliver keynotes and conference presentations. Example topics include developing strategies for addressing cultural risk in business and using an influencing approach to increase successful implementation.

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