In this practical module, strategy is demystified through examples and application of a range of useful strategic frameworks and tools that participants can apply immediately in their business.

Recruiters for executive, C-level and board roles place heavy emphasis on strategic capability for good reason. It is the responsibility of upper levels of management and the board to generate and approve a well considered, viable plan for the future. Candidates can recount how they tackle the day-to-day, operational matters. But, many stumble when asked about strategic perspectives. Even when people have definite strategic capability there is often an inability to talk about it because they aren’t able to access models, frameworks and perspectives of how it works. This practical module provides proven frameworks and tools relevant and valuable in many different strategic contexts.


  • A proven, highly practical and evidence-based program that enhances strategic thinking and strategic planning capability.
  • A range of practical tools and tips to support strategic thinking and strategic planning, both individually and with colleagues.
  • An opportunity to develop and practise tools and techniques during the workshop. People often deploy their skills within minutes of the module ending!
  • Learning alerts to reinforce and embed your new strategic skills. Monthly briefings that will keep strategy and strategic thinking front-of-mind and refresh and deepen your learning.


  • Understand what strategy is and how to use practical tools to achieve high quality strategic outcomes. Be able to distinguish between a strategic and an operational approach.
  • Examine five key elements of strategic contexts and six essential skills of strategic leaders. Consider how these can strengthen and direct your own strategic approach.
  • Use a range of practical tools and frameworks to complete a series of strategically-oriented exercises with colleagues.
  • Explore a range of strategy planning tools that will guide future strategic planning efforts and also serve you well in executive or board level interviews.

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