A practical module developing the cultural skills of managers and team leaders in increasingly culturally diverse Australian organisations

Today’s Australia is one of the most multicultural societies in the world. Cultural diversity is now the norm in every organisation. It can be a great source of innovation and dynamic growth. But this dividend is only available if you have the cultural skills to leverage it successfully. Managers without those cultural capabilities can experience frustration and dissatisfaction in the team. This module will enable you to unlock the talent in your diverse team and make sure you give a fair go to all, whatever their background.


  • Practical skills that will enable you be a more effective manager in a culturally diverse organisation
  • Fresh insights about how cultural background affects thinking, communicating and behaving at work
  • An opportunity to develop new perspectives around the influence of your own cultural background on your management style
  • Frameworks and tools to help you maximise the value of different perspectives to deliver innovation and high quality outcomes
  • An action plan so that you can implement what you’ve learned straightaway with your team


  • Identify the preferences and biases associated with your own upbringing and background and leverage these to support your role
  • Recognise the culture-based assumptions and expectations that may influence your management style
  • Explore the wide range of norms and ways of thinking culturally diverse team members can bring to their work
  • Learn about different communication and management styles and apply these insights to improve your management skills
  • Practise the cultural skills that will help you be an outstanding manager of high-performing teams in today’s culturally diverse workplace

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