Research studies show that an organisation’s return on investment in a mentoring program is likely to be more secure, if both mentees and mentors receive support before and during the mentoring experience.

Research shows that mentoring can be an extremely successful development opportunity, for both mentors and mentees. For example, soundly-designed mentoring programs are known to positively affect commitment, retention, performance, knowledge-sharing and career-mapping. In addition, mentoring programs have a particular role to play for talented staff from minority groups. Women and staff members from other cultures do not always have the vertical networks known to be an asset in career progression. A well-managed mentoring program can offset this limitation and thus function as a powerful Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiative. However, studies also demonstrate that an organisation’s return on investment is likely to be more secure, if both mentees and mentors receive support before and during the mentoring experience.


  • Assure the success of your mentoring initiative by using a proven, evidence based approach for the implementation, management and evaluation of your mentoring program.
  • Draw on UGM’s considerable expertise with mentoring programs (and organisational health and performance fields more generally) and customise for your own context.
  • Provide expert support for mentees and mentors through the entire process, from initial recruitment through to final debrief once the mentoring program has been completed.
  • Learn how to develop a mentoring culture within your organisation that delivers benefits well beyond those directly involved in the program.


  • Get expert advice on who to include in your mentoring program (mentors and mentees) and how to involve them early in the initiative.
  • Provide a robust, time-effective series of workshops for mentees and mentors that clarify roles and responsibilities, highlight skills for success and facilitate initial interactions between the mentoring pairs.
  • Follow-up with a range of ongoing support mechanisms that embed learning, facilitate the mentoring experience and subtlely monitor mentoring progress.
  • Evaluate your mentoring initiative to ensure that it is delivering the best outcomes and return on investment in your organisation’s context.

UGM acknowledges the Queensland government's 'Women on Boards' website as a resource aimed at facilitating more women on boards in the state.

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