This module will help you better understand influencing, equipping you with a practical framework and a powerful set of influencing tools for successful stakeholder engagement.

Australian workplaces are complex, riddled with ambiguity and uncertainty. Change is constant! In these conditions, people must confidently exercise influence to maximise the value of their contribution and help others do the same. Yet, there is clear evidence that influence is being used ineffectively in many places and, in some, misused or abused. Effective influencing is especially important in contexts where people need to get things done but don’t have formal authority. It also facilitates better outcomes in challenging situations where there are multiple stakeholders with competing priorities.


  • Learn how to exercise influence, even when you don’t have the formal authority.
  • Harness the latest insights about how your brain works to influence stakeholders, and others, more effectively.
  • Develop powerful strategies that equip you to confidently counter workplace ‘blockers’ and also boost your influencing more generally.
  • Identify key sources of influence to harness for success when working with your stakeholders.
  • Influence competently, with confidence and avoid ethical/moral pitfalls.
  • Work on your own current influencing challenges and by the end of the day you’ll have many fresh ideas that you will be able to immediately put into action.


  • Reflect on why an influencing approach at work is vital, particularly in contexts that involve complex stakeholder relations.
  • Understand how your brain is wired for influence and apply the latest neuroscience research yourself.
  • Differentiate between influencing and manipulating.
  • Use a range of practical, step-by-step influencing frameworks and tools to enhance the way you influence in future.
  • Understand how to address important ‘What’s In It For Me’ considerations when you’re seeking to influence others.
  • Plan ‘next steps’ to converting your learning into beneficial actions!

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