This module examines the important differences between leading and managing, with a special focus on how these each play out at the executive and board level.

Executives and board members are expected to have a major, positive influence on the organisations they work for. But, that’s not always the case, and sometimes senior leaders make things worse. For this reason, recruiters of senior level positions are deeply interested in the leadership-management perspectives of candidates. Since the media and popular literature regularly use leading and managing as interchangeable synonyms, many in senior roles aren’t able to distinguish between the two. Being unable to distinguish between leading or managing results in underperformance. This module focuses on practical ways in which senior people might lead and manage for successful outcomes.


  • A proven, highly practical and evidence-based program that enhances executive level and board leadership and management capabilities.
  • Practical frameworks and a range of tools (including templates) and tips to lead and manage more effectively.
  • An opportunity to develop and practise tools and techniques during the workshop. People often deploy their skills within minutes of the module ending!
  • Learning alerts after the module help to reinforce and embed your new leadership and management insights. Monthly briefings refresh, deepen and contextualise your perspectives on leading and managing.


  • Reflect on the core differences between leading and managing, with special focus on executive and board level behaviours. Use a neuroscience perspective to turbo-charge your leading and managing.
  • Consider the latest research on successfully transitioning into a C-suite role. This focuses both on preparation for the new role as well as settling effectively into the role.
  • Examine key elements associated with building and sustaining inclusive cultures. Understand the myths and legends associated with gender imbalance and ways to overcome them.
  • Use a powerful influencing approach to shape and deliver your messages, including your on-the-fly responses in meetings.

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