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We’re qualified, confidential and highly experienced. We’re supportive, encouraging and, above all, practical. We’re ‘in your corner’, committed to helping you be the best you can, whatever your circumstances. We ask powerful questions, encourage you to think and help you explore options. We work with you to identify goals and map how to get there. We provide you with a bundle of 3 one-on one sessions, together with follow-up email support after each session, designed to suit your circumstances. We also offer similar services to teams, providing the kind of coaching support that is commonplace in sports teams.

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Coaching & Career Transitioning


Executive Coaching

Do you feel challenged by a difficult work problem and feel you’d benefit from a second opinion or a fresh approach? Perhaps you want an independent sounding board for your ideas and intended actions, before putting them to colleagues? Possibly your wanting the opportunity to develop particular skills but don't have the time to attend longer development sessions?

Career Transitioning Support

Are you transitioning into an important new role and looking for expert, independent support to see you through? Maybe you’re at a cross roads and you’d like to change direction and get some help to consider options? Do you want to put your best foot forward in an important interview, but you’re not sure exactly how to do this? Are you contemplating a career change but uncertain about when and how to make your move?

Team coaching

Do you need coaching and support for a small team, either to work together more effectively or resolve particular business challenges. Sometimes, being a team of leaders, senior teams can often do with expert, independent coaching support that offers 'frank and fearless' feedback and advice that helps them optimise performance.

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