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In an inclusive culture, all employees - each group and every individual - feel they belong and can contribute (see accompanying diagram). It provides the strongest platform for high performance. Essentially, the organisation's external business imperatives become supported by its internal operating style. An inclusive culture is the place where external and internal elements of the overall Strategic Plan intersect.

If we partnered with you in building a more inclusive culture, we'd suggest starting with an audit of the current cultural reality using a suite of diagnostics. This would enable us to work with you to build a tailor-made business case and an actionable plan for any changes that are needed. We could also simply customise existing modules on inclusive culture for roll-out in your organisation, either by UGM or yourselves internally. You'd be getting a solid approach and a partner with a strong track record and a number of national awards for our innovative approaches to our work in D&I.

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Designing an inclusion strategy

Wanting to design a strategy and set of action plans for developing an inclusive culture in your business? You could make use of UGM's extensive expertise in the field, as well benefitting from considerable experience in designing robust strategic plans. Ideally, you'll partner with UGM to craft fit-for-purpose initiatives that will deliver tangible ROI's for your valuable D&I dollars!

Developing an inclusive culture

Would you like to provide the leaders in your business with a highly practical, more formal learning experience that focuses on leading an inclusive culture? What about people more generally, are you intending to offer them suitable training on being more inclusive? UGM has base modules that can be customised for your context and delivered by UGM and/or internally.

Executive Coaching

Are there senior leaders who need to be more inclusive but who won't admit this or most certainly wouldn't be up for a formal training program? One-on-one executive coaching can support senior people work through challenges they have with building and sustaining and inclusive culture. The UGM team are experienced executive coaches, also able to support key teams.

Diagnostics and analysis

Do you want to measure or review aspects of your culture? The UGM team are skilled in collecting, analysing and diagnosing organisational culture and determining what can reasonably be done to move forward. We also offer clients a range of specialist diagnostic tools, some of which are provided complimentary with particular interventions or programs.


Do you have important events where it might be be useful to have someone independent of the business facilitate? Perhaps you'd like to ensure all attendees can contribute, rather than having to manage the meeting? UGM can provide you with engaged facilitation services, where, if you request it, we engage with contributors rather than simply capturing their ideas.

Keynotes and Presentations

Are you looking for a keynote speaker or presentation at an upcoming conference? UGM people share their expertise and highly practical advice in these contexts. Topics include building inclusive cultures, managing diversity and inclusion and addressing the gender gap. Audiences always say they value UGM's practical, evidence-based approach.

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