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UGM uses a cultural intelligence approach to both our culture-general and country-specific work. We draw on the most up-to-date research from a comprehensive range of academic disciplines, not just one subject area. Australian research findings and international studies, together with our own UGM research, provide a richness of reference and an authoritative voice that you can trust.

We start with a culture-general approach to provide you with a solid foundation because common experiences and challenges occur when people interact across cultures. Executives are also frequently required to have the flexibility to operate across several cultures, not just one. Culture-general knowledge and skills promote a deeper understanding of culture-specific information when it is covered.

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Cultural Competence Advisory

Do you require expert advice to help with challenges that cultural risk presents and which have a negative impact on organisational performance (e.g. meeting deadlines, delivering to specification, hitting productivity targets) and on organisational health (e.g. worrying safety practices, compromised values, ineffective performance management)?

Developing Cultural Competence

Are you looking for highly-rated training programs by experienced cultural practitioners? We have ready-to-go cultural training programs (or can customise one for your needs) suitable for all levels of cultural experience and seniority within the business. Expert facilitators customise elements of each program, on-the-fly, using relevant and practical business examples.

Executive and Team coaching

You may be needing one-on-one executive coaching relating to cultural risk and cultural competence for senior leaders? This is not an uncommon request for members of the C-Suite or staff filling mission-critical roles where 'failure is not an option'.Members of the UGM team have business experience in the field and are also qualified and experienced executive coaches.

Diagnostics and analysis

Do you have a cultural risk or cultural capability problem but maybe aren't quite sure what's causing it, how badly it's impacting the business or what level of risk it presents? UGM's business focused research capability will provide you with expert analysis and diagnosis of problems and effective, best-fit solutions. We also offer specialist cultural diagnostics.

Session Facilitation

Are you concerned about an important event where cultural risk is a factor (e.g. a vital first meeting with clients from another culture or perhaps a difficult multi-cultural staff meeting) and which might benefit from expert facilitation? Our substantial business experience ensures that you get engaged facilitation, focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for your business.

Keynotes and Presentations

Are you looking for a cultural expert to speak at your next conference? UGM people regularly deliver keynotes and conference presentations across Australia and also internationally. Areas of focus include managing cultural risk in specific contexts of interest to the audience and sharing insights and practical tips for business success in particular regions.

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