A practical module focused on thinking together and collaborative decision making at executive or board level (and available for other levels too). Tools and tips for benefiting from increased cognitive diversity and minimising the risks that can trigger decision making failure at executive level.

Collaborating successfully within the C-Suite and on boards is substantially different from collaborating in other teams in an organisation. Unfortunately, many at the top fail to appreciate the differences. As a result, senior teams and boards can often be ‘nominal’, rather than ‘real’ teams. A significant shortcoming in many top teams is ineffective team-based problem solving and decision making. There is an inability to genuinely think and make decisions together, even though decision making meetings take at least 80% of executives’ time. This highly practical module provides proven insights and tools that have helped many senior leadership teams and boards work together more effectively. A version of the module is available for other levels in organisations.


  • A proven, highly practical and evidence-based program that enhances executive collaboration.
  • A range of practical tools and tips to support collaborative thinking and decision making.
  • An opportunity to develop and practise tools and techniques during the workshop. People often deploy their skills within minutes of the module ending!
  • Insights to help you build a team where team members pull together to tackle complex business problems.
  • Learning alerts and monthly briefings after the module to reinforce your new change skills.


  • Understand essential neuroscience elements of decision making, which you’ll then apply to increase the effectiveness of executive decision making.
  • Identify the most frequent causes of executive-level decision making failure and how to minimise the risks.
  • Get tips and tools that will power up problem-solving talk at all levels. Build your skills in how to vary turn-taking for more effective problem solving and decision making in meetings.
  • Learn how to accommodate differences in cognitive style, essential for global leaders and for leading diverse teams today.

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