This module supports executives and managers with change leadership responsibilities via practical change frameworks and a powerful set of change tools.

Executives and board members can be fairly certain, given the complexity of the modern business environment, that leading and managing change will be important in their role. It is for this reason that recruiters for senior positions usually pay special attention to change skills and experience. Although change has become a constant for most organisations, there often isn’t a great deal of attention paid to the specific skills executives and board members need to successfully deliver change outcomes for their business. In fact, anywhere between 50% and 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver on expectations. This module provides immediately useful change frameworks and tools.


  • A proven, highly practical and evidence-based program that enhances change leadership and change management capabilities.
  • A practical framework and range of tools and tips to successfully plan, implement and monitor change initiatives.
  • An opportunity to develop and practise tools and techniques during the workshop. People often deploy their skills within minutes of the module ending!
  • Learning alerts after the module to reinforce your new change insights and skills. Monthly briefings that refresh and deepen your perspectives about change leadership and change management.


  • Reflect on the common experience of change in organisations. Highlight the most frequent types of response to change and consider the implications for change leadership.
  • Consider common change challenges that face organisations and how change might be framed as an opportunity for innovation and continuous learning.
  • Use a powerful model to understand and develop customised strategic change communication for different parties during major change.
  • Monitor and evaluate change initiatives using two robust tools that highlight areas of importance and focus thinking and action.

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