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UGM uses the latest research findings from a range of fields that impact on team performance to develop and deliver highly practical team development. This includes taking a close look at the preferred work style of individual team members and how each style contributes to team outputs and team dynamics. Using these insights, we help team members develop a set of team-focused skills that maximises individuals ability to contribute in ways that other teams members will value and delivers on expected teams outcomes. Our approach shares an essential amount of research insights blended with plenty of practical skills.

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Building High Performing Teams


High Performing Teams Advisory

Would you like to take teams in your organisation to the next level? Perhaps you're having difficulties because the top team isn't working well together? Is there a project team that you're wanting to bond into a strong unit when their work starts? UGM's experts are available to give you a fresh, unbiased assessment and advice on possible ways forward.

Develop High Performing Teams

Do you want your teams to be high performing teams? Would you like the senior team to work through communication challenges? Do you have a team that would benefit from understanding each other's preferred work styles? UGM has a range of modules to help build better teams. We can facilitate the modules or license and equip you to deliver them in-house.

Executive and Team coaching

You may be needing one-on-one executive coaching relating to team challenges for senior leaders? This is not an uncommon request for members of the C-Suite or staff filling mission-critical roles where 'failure is not an option'. We're also comfortable coaching and supporting small teams, either to work together more effectively or resolve particular business challenges.

Diagnostics and analysis

We offer clients a range of specialist diagnostic tools for teams, including a number (e.g. UGM Team Behaviours Profile and UGM Trust Inventory) which are provided complimentary with particular interventions and programs. We also draw on our considerable research expertise to develop customised team diagnostics based on particular client needs and context.

Session Facilitation

Are you looking to run a half- or one day event for your section, division or perhaps the whole business? Wanting to avoid the 'talking heads' approach which is often a 'turn-off' and lacks inclusion? We have the experience and proven processes to craft an interactive event where people feel they have an opportunity to participate actively while achieving desired business outcomes.

Keynotes and Presentations

Are your looking for an expert to speak on aspects of cultivating and sustaining high perfoming, inclusive teams at your next conference? Our speakers focus on how to build quality teams, approaching the topic from a range of business-relevant angles. We always inject fresh ideas and the latest research-based thinking into our presentations.

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