This module will help build and sustain a high performing team where members understand more about collective intelligence and how they can make a valued contribution to high performance outcomes.

Teams have become a critically important part of how most work gets done in organisations, in the hope they’ll get the kinds of benefits high performing sports teams deliver. Yet, many organisations don’t devote much time specifically to developing their teams as units, which is markedly different from what happens for high performing sports teams. This module focuses on helping teams understand the essential ingredients of high performing business teams, drawing on a range of latest research findings, including collective intelligence. Vitally, we’ve translated these insights into highly practical skills, behaviours and tools that teams can implement immediately.


  • Teams engage immediately with this hands-on module which, though it is built on a solid evidence base, has a very strong practical orientation.
  • Team members value understanding their own and each others preferred work style and identify whether or not any important team styles are missing from the team.
  • Individuals benefit from time spent reflecting on their personal contributions to the team and have an opportunity to exchange perceptions with a colleague.
  • As well as providing the team with a well-proven framework as well as tangible skills, behaviours and tools, the module serves as a powerful booster shot for team development.


  • Analyse individual work preferences and reflect on how this contributes to building and sustaining a high performing team.
  • Generate a shared understanding of how the team might best work together and use a shared model and language to plan for success and diagnose any missteps along the way.
  • Learn how to plan with the end in mind and use frequent evaluation of progress to get better decision-making up front and high quality evaluation and learning throughout.
  • Understand key communication skills and associated behaviours that build collective intelligence.
  • Reflect on the competencies of high performing individuals and how these apply in the context of your team.

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