Check your cultural diversity initiatives for any of these worrying symptoms

Cultural diversity - a difficult dividend
  1. There has been no analysis of the exact nature and cause of current cultural diversity challenges. Simplistic ‘one size fits all’ solutions are being implemented.
  2. Bias and racist attitudes have become the accepted explanation, masking knowledge and skill deficits. Programs do not equip employees with practical plans that help them to build an inclusive culture.
  3. Employees feel the initiatives have been foisted on them from the outside. They haven’t been consulted; they don’t feel engaged and are not convinced. Employees are lukewarm about the initiatives and don’t believe in their worth.
  4. Those responsible for implementation lack the knowledge and skills to implement change on the sensitive topic of cultural diversity.
  5. Some influential senior people are critical and certain initiatives are secretly labelled as just ‘political correctness’.
  6. Initiatives have low status, are poorly resourced and not linked to business outcomes.

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