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UGM launches 'Women in the C-Suite' website

Focus on women in senior leadership roles

Despite the pressing need to support women in stepping forward for senior roles, much of what is currently being offered by the market to women and organisations is outdated and/or fails to address aspects known to be essential for success in senior management roles. We decided to do something about that, and contribute to the kind of progress people are rightfully expecting in this field.

Women in the C-Suite is a website supporting the growing community devoted to bringing about the long over-due changes in the field. The site provides support to women as well as men who want to know how they might contribute to change efforts.

We hope you'll join with us and that together we will make a real difference to women in senior leadership roles, a lot more quickly than has occured in the past.

Gender Balance stats at a glance

One of the features on the Women in the C-Suite website is the graphing of the latest gender balance data for individual organisations in Australia. The top 25 ASX companies are featured at the moment, and this will epxanded to other available data over time.

  1. The dataset: 11,000 employers; 3,9m employees; 4,354 reports
  2. Workforce :48.5% female
  3. Women working full-time: 42%
  4. Women working part-time: 32%
  5. Gender pay gap, based on total remuneration: 24.7%
  6. Proportion of women at each management level
    CEO: 17.3%
    CEO-1: 29.3%
    CEO-2: 33.7%
    CEO-3: 36.7%
    CEO-4: 36.8
    CEO-5: 41.9%
  7. Highest proportion of women in key management personnel: 49.6% - Health Care and Social Assistance
  8. Lowest proportion of women in key management personnel: 13.6% - Construction
  9. Source: WGEA 2014

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