Personal Influence at Work - 'Wired For Influence'

Our popular and successful public workshops on personal influence at work are back. The Wired for Influence program is a workshop collaboration between UGM Consulting and Women on Boards. The one-day workshop is running in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, facilitated by expert presenters, Dr Margaret Byrne and Dr Grant Robertson.

Why bother?

Australian workplaces are complex, riddled with ambiguity and uncertainty. Change is constant! In these conditions, people must confidently exercise influence to maximise the value of their contribution and help others do the same. Yet, there is clear evidence that influence is being used ineffectively in many places and, in some, misused or abused. Enhanced ability to influence (and help others to influence better) is a game changer for gender balance initiatives specifically and the focus on diversity more generally. Effective influence also has a positive impact on many aspects of organisational performance and health.
Personal Influence at Work: Diversity Perspectives Research Briefing (Oct 2011)

Since influence and leadership are tightly interwoven, increasing your influencing skills will have a positive impact on your leadership effectiveness. The practical skills and tools can be applied widely, including in Board roles, in the C-Suite, as managers and even for owners of smaller businesses who need to influence during the sales cycle.

Here's a short video overview of the program by faciltator, Dr Margaret Byrne.


And, here's a second short video with program insights from facilitator, Dr Grant Robertson.


Program Benefits:
• Harness powerful insights about how your brain works to influence others more effectively.
• Develop potent strategies that equip you to confidently counter workplace ‘blockers’ and also boost influencing more generally.
• Influence with confidence and without ethical/ moral concerns.
• Identify key sources of personal influence at work that you’ll harness for success.
• Learn how to exercise influence even when you don’t have the formal authority.
• Bring and work on your current influencing challenges and by the end of the day you’ll
have many fresh ideas that you will be able to immediately put into action.
• Network and share and learn from others who have a similar interest in influencing effectively.

Program Focus:
• Understand how your brain is wired for influence from the latest neuroscience research.
• Differentiate between influencing and manipulating.
• Reflect on the impact that influencing has on different components of your everyday work and what you can do differently to be more influential, including with groups.
• Use a range of practical, step-by-step influencing frameworks and tools to enhance the way you influence in future.
• Understand how to address important ‘What’s In It For Me’ considerations when you’re looking to influence others.
• Plan ‘next steps’ to converting your learning into beneficial actions!

Good for people who think they aren’t very good at influencing, as well as a refresher for those who are more confident.” Penny Webb-Smart, Head of Domestic Payables & Receivables, Commonwealth Bank

High-quality, evidence-based learning that also develops networking in a convivial environment.” Marie Irwin, Group Manager – ER and Diversity, Caltex

“Very good program that clearly identifies steps on how to influence others and what you need to think about/ prepare for, before you have the conversation / meeting.” Belinda Smith, Client Adviser, UBS Wealth Management

To book your place and join others on the Wired For Influence program in June, call Women On Boards today: +61 2 4362 1333

Call us on +61 2 9964 9861 if you would like to run this program in-house.

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