Successful diversity and inclusion at work: what you can do

Diversity and inclusion action checklist

Your D&I efforts are more likely to succeed with a robust approach to the challenge. Here are a few elements that ought to be part of how you're adressing diversity and inclusion:

  1. Determine the best way to build and sustain an inclusive culture.
  2. Audit your current reality in relation to Diversity and Inclusion, identify existing strengths, weaknesses and any potential ‘red flags’ that indicate business critical risks.
  3. Develop a compelling and actionable D&I strategy, tightly aligned with your organisation’s business plans and reflecting your key drivers of value.
  4. Examine and diagnose any particular areas of diversity concern in your organisations where you feel there may be implications for your talent pipeline, for example.
  5. Implement the practical plans and metrics that are the hallmarks of diversity success.

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* UGM adopts an evidence-based, cultural intelligence approach to the related issues of cultural diversity, cultural awareness and international business. This develops an Asia capable workforce as well as one which is culturally competent in global settings. We focus on the cultural competence needed to implement strategic plans. This involves cultural training that develops specific intercultural (or cross cultural) skills to behave effectively and appropriately in relation to cultural differences. It is likley to include consideration of unconscious bias and building inclusive cultures.

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