Make This Year Your Best Year!

'Make This Year Your Best Year' is a workshop collaboration between UGM Consulting and Women on Boards. The one-day workshop will be presented in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney by Dr. Margaret Byrne of UGM Consulting.

Here's a short video overview of the program by Dr Margaret Byrne.


And, here's a second short video with information about one of the program components.


Join colleagues who share your interest in getting ahead and planning a fantastic 2014. This is a unique opportunity to experience a day-long, group coaching session with a highly experienced executive coach. You’ll learn the latest ideas about well-being and success and apply these step-by-step to create your own personal plan for the year. You’ll also have a fabulous opportunity to network and share insights with other women who, just like you, are determined to make 2014 their best year yet.

  • Click here to register for Melbourne (4th February 2014)
  • Click here to register for Brisbane (13th February 2014)
  • Click here to register for Sydney (25th February 2014)

  • Download the flyer here.

    Program Benefits:

    The program will focus on:

    For more information call Eva on (02) 4362 1333.


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