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Leadership skills: Eight steps to success program

How to create the career you want

Equip yourself with a suite of practical, evidence-based skills that work. The fresh ideas and powerful tools can be adapted for use at all levels and will turbocharge any career!

This program is very well-suited for everyone at work, though it has been very popular in organisations that are providing special support for women to progress in their careers.

Program Benefits

  1. Increase your effectiveness by discovering the ‘sweet spot’ where you can excel
  2. Manage meetings better and get credit for your contributions
  3. Ramp up your team’s performance using a powerful toolkit
  4. Influence stakeholders even when you’re not in charge
  5. Design more persuasive presentations and pitches
  6. Manage your energy not your time Use the latest brain science to craft a personal plan, turning good intentions into action!

The Eight Steps covered

  1. Mobilise yourself and your people around organisational priorities so that things get done. You’ll learn how to make sure everyone, from the most senior to the most junior, is clear about what they need to do and is committed to stepping up to do it.
  2. Make meetings work for you. Based on our filmed research, we’ll share powerful techniques that will ensure you get that all-important turn to speak and know how to create the right impression every time you speak. Make meetings more engaging and inclusive for all.
  3. Develop and maintain a high-performing, healthy team. Use a proven team diagnostic to help your team deliver high quality outcomes every time. Learn how to make your team a place where everyone feels they belong and can contribute their best work.
  4. Influence your key stakeholders more effectively. Identify who your key stakeholders are and focus on what you will need to do if you want to influence them successfully.
  5. Give your personal messaging and presentations a make-over to make them more persuasive. Apply a powerful formula to your messaging and presentations to help you cut-through and deliver a winning message in a variety of contexts.
  6. Manage your energy not time. Explore personal energy as a key driver of success. After all, you can’t make more time but you can create more energy! Learn how to use your energy more effectively to design the life you want.
  7. Develop cultural competence. You’ll use the enhanced understanding and powerful skills to position yourself for a key role in a rapidly globalising world generally, and in the ‘Asian century’ in particular.
  8. Make action plans that help you follow-through and implement. Turn your good intentions from today’s workshop into a dynamic action plan. We’ll show you how the latest brain research will change forever how you motivate yourself and others to get things done.

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