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Gender Balance Roundtable - October 2015

Gender Balance Roundtable convened

Norton Rose Fulbright and UGM Consulting have invited a group of concerned organisations, experienced practitioners and committed advocates to an inaugural Gender Balance Roundtable. This first Roundtable has a very strategic focus - "Mapping strategies for the new mainstream".

Gender Balance - big spend, dismal returns, including slow progress!

Australia has a very poor score card, when it comes to the number of women in senior executive roles. The problem is well-known. Each step of the career ladder it’s the same: fewer and fewer women, despite their strong representation at entry level. The barriers are also well-known. It’s a toxic mix of stereotypes, narrow systems, opaque procedures and failed interventions. Considerable effort and money have been spent. But the results are dismal and the progress glacial. Before, it was largely women who were concerned. Now (finally), many senior leadership teams and boards of both men and women are getting involved. They feel frustrated at the lack of progress, and the poor ROIs from their gender balance investments.

How is it that so much investment can achieve so little return?

The purpose of this Roundtable is to bring together an initial group of committed people to consider strategies that might help Australia move forward beyond the current impasse. There is an urgent need to adopt innovative thinking and a fresh approach, otherwise even well-intentioned organisations risk spending even more, without seeing any measurable change. Meanwhile, talented senior women find themselves stuck or blocked, and the Australian economy is deprived of a significant and much-needed resource.

Roundtable Agenda

  1. An overview of the best quality thinking and research findings on how gender balance is best achieved – not everyone may be aware of the range of new possibilities, or which initiative types have been discredited
  2. A live case study of an organisation taking a different approach
  3. An engaging and interactive ‘world café’ conversation to identify dynamic new strategies

Sharing outcomes

Outcomes from the Gender Balance Roundtable will be documented and shared with interested parties.

Call us now on +61 2 9964 9861 to discuss how your organisation might best address gender balance.

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