The Influence Imperative - AMSRO Leaders Forum Address

Dr Grant Robertson of UGM is speaking at the AMRSO Leaders Conference on 21 March 2014 on the topic "The Influence Imperative: Leading (and Following) in the Digital Economy."

All too often the terms ‘leading’ and ‘managing’ are seen as interchangeable and used in that way at great cost to business because the functions are different and both are vital! The penalties increase further still in the context of the expanding digital economy. These days work is substantially different from previous eras. In addition, influence is the essential characteristic of leadership, and this seems universally accepted by scholars and practitioners alike. But a surprisingly large number of Australians at work report a low understanding of influencing. Despite its importance, few use a formal model for exercising influence. Even fewer people leverage the advances in neuroscience that pinpoint key brain circuits involved in decision making and influence. This interactive session will explore these topics, blending evidence-based theory with practical application.

Dr Robertson will invite leaders to: 1. reflect on how leadership behaviours are distributed within teams in which they work; 2. consider what impact underdeveloped influencing skills may be having on their business (from original Australian influencing research), and 3. audit a less-successful influencing exchange using a ‘brain circuits’ approach, which they can then apply to increase the success of future exchanges

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