Cultural Intelligence & Global Competence


Dr Margaret Byrne presented a cultural training paper on the topic of Cultural Intelligence and Globally Competent Graduates at the RMIT College of Business. The exerpt above is published by RMIT University.

UGM Consulting adopts an evidence-based, cultural intelligence approach to the related issues of cultural diversity and international business. Our focus is firmly on equipping you and your people with the cultural competence you need to implement your strategic plan through well-aligned cultural training. This means that we always place your strategy and what drives value in your particular business as centre stage, with cultural capability positioned as a critical way of reducing the risk that your business plan will fail.

When you move away from cultural incompetence towards cultural competence (through cultural traning and then practical experience), you are establishing a powerful platform for your business to succeed in today’s interdependent markets and economies. Without cultural competence, you expose your organisation to multiple risks, internally and externally.

For UGM, cultural awareness alone can only ever be the starting point for business success, not an end goal. The problem is that cultural awareness tends just to skim the surface, without giving you the actual behaviours and practical cross cultural skills that will help you implement your business plan in culturally complex settings. Our clients want a roadmap, not just some extra awareness. They want to know what they need to do differently and we think it might be the same for you. That is why our cultural training is not simply training in cultural awareness.

Cultural intelligence will take you beyond awareness alone. This approach helps you build an actionable set of frameworks and tools (customised to your context) that everyone in your business can draw on daily. In this way, everyone in the business becomes aligned and understands how to behave appropriately and effectively in multicultural settings, at home and overseas.

UGM’s inclusive and down-to-earth approach to cultural diversity training is particularly valuable when you face the challenge of workplace diversity in Australia and globally. Our cultural diversity training will help you mitigate the cultural risks that differences often bring. We also show you how these same differences can actually give you an edge, especially when it comes to the regular problem solving and decision making tasks your people confront. It’s the culturally competent organisation that will succeed in today’s borderless and networked world.

See Dr Margaret Byrne speaking on cultural intelligence and cultural awareness.

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UGM adopts an evidence-based, cultural intelligence approach to the related issues of cultural diversity, cultural awareness and international business. We provide cultural training and cultural consulting relating to the cultural competence needed to implement strategic plans. This involves developing specific intercultural (or cross cultural) skills to behave effectively and appropriately in relation to cultural differences.

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