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Asia capable workforce - cultural competence & cultural diversity training

Build cultural diversity skills inhouse through Asia capable train the trainer

Boost your in-house cultural capability. Prepare your people to deal more effectively with cultural diversity. Minimise strategic risk to the business and secure competitive advantage in the new dynamics of the Asian century! Run our two well-proven cultural competence modules yourself, as an in-house program. Build your cultural skills and confidence to develop them in others at 'train the trainer' workshops with one of Australia's leading cultural competence experts.

Special features of UGM's proven train the trainer cultural diversity training program include:

  1. Comprehensive briefing papers introduce you to the fundamentals for building an Asia capable workforce and achieving success in Asia. With the cultural diversity of Australia's workforce (and its cultural composition),this is relevant even if you're not doing business in Asia.
  2. World class cultural training resource kit which includes slides, handouts, online tools and instructions for every training step.
  3. Interactive design using best practice learning principles to engage your participants, assess progress in their cultural competence building and ensure their success in Australia and in Asia.
  4. Inspiring Train the Trainer program for your identified cultural trainers, with follow-up mentoring and access to network of licensed trainers.

How you'll benefit from the train the trainer:

  1. Minimise your cultural diversity training risk with a comprehensive cultural training package, grounded in the best Asia-competence research.
  2. Build a team of confident, high quality in-house trainers able to roll-out cultural competence programs when and where you want.
  3. Maximise the effectiveness of your own in-house training teams to reduce cost, build scale and increase flexibility.
  4. Adopt a proven cultural competence building program that shows you, in a step-by-step maanner, how to build the cultural skills needed by an Asia capable workforce to succeed in Asia.

Click here to download our brochure for in-house cultural competence training

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